Since a young age I have been immersed in art, music and an atmosphere of constantly creating. Together, Travis (the other half of King Studios) and I started on an adventure in 2011 when we opened up our own shop after years of experience in the television and commercial film world. The realness pulled us away from the not-so-real. The belief that our art would be cherished and shared for generations is what sparked the fire of passion for us. 

We know what keeps you going, what makes you smile, because we live it too. We want our work to thrive in your thoughtfully placed frames and in your media center, ready to be enjoyed and shared.

What makes us different is that we don’t direct you, your experiences direct us. We don’t stick to shot lists, we keep rolling when others aren’t. We are ready when that perfect moment happens, we don’t want to miss it.


-W H A T  Y O U   N E E D  T O  K N O W-
We believe every person is a masterpiece created by God
It's a fact that not all those who wonder are lost
90's R&B is constantly streaming around here
Cuban coffee is a life force
Vanilla ice cream is a necessity 
Cold pizza can sustain even the greatest
If all else fails, be kind to one another

Meet Ramona